How it Works

First of all user have to Signup on
Now user have to Deposit ALG.
For that go to Deposit Tab Copy Address and Deposit ALG whatever user want to invest.
After Successfully Deposit go to Site Masternode Tab.
Click on ALG,Invest button is there.
Click on Invest button and user can buy share (1 share = 10 ALG) from there whatever user want to buy.
After buy share user can check invested coin on Dashboard.
Once Total Share become 200 (2000 ALG) so 1 MN of ALG will be created and Reward become start.
Reward will share equally in users who all participate for make that MN.
Total 80% of reward goes to user.(Divide between user who all participate for make that MN)
10% goes to Admin
10% goes to Affiliate user.

Now If user not SignUp (Register) through any Affiliate user than that Affiliate Reward 10% goes to Admin.

And Affiliate Reward distribute upto last 3 layer of Affiliate user.
And that is distribute in 50% (Affiliate Layer 1), 30%(Affiliate Layer 2), 20%(Affiliate Layer 3).
Note: Same like You can do for AVC.